hi, this is my webbed site, as you might have guessed from the title.

about me:
i'm an 18 year old gay ace non-binary transfem genderfluid mess, known as luna vivian. (or alternatively, 4 raccoons under a trenchcoat.)
i do lots of stuff about, on and in computers in my free time (I use Arch Linux and own a ThinkPad x230, by the way), and sometimes go outside, touch some grass while i'm out there (proof of that coming soon) and do some hobby photography.
otherwise, i'm just a normal person doing normal human things or something, idk lmao (i ran out of stuff to put on my "about me" part, i'm very sorry)

one of my projects I did recently is the Battery Estimate Calculator. (it's just a simple site calculating how long your battery would last based on the runtime until now and how full your battery is/was and such - simple stuff.)
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another one of my projects actually is a Tom Scott "I'm currently here at" Generator. It's something where you can pick a background image and Tom Scott is laid over that picture. btw, sorry, but it's desktop-only right now (but i'll fix that soon! c:)
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more content coming soon(TM). hopefully. :3